Friday, July 11, 2014

Station Nord og Villum Fonden

Wednesday I was very Lucky to "hitch-hike" With a plane from Longyearbyen to Station Nord (81.36 N) in NE-Greenland.
The weather on Svalbard was not so great, but in Greenland it was fantastic as always ;0)
I spent 8-9 hours there and even met good old friends and had a great time. It was good to see the station area. The last time I was here was early March 2005 and late April 2006. At that time it was -40 degrees Celsius and meters of snow everywhere.

At the moment 250 tons of materials have been air-lifted from Longyearbyen to Station Nord. This will then be put together for the NeXT six weeks, forming the Villum Research Station at Station Nord.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Med-evac from Daneborg

This Morning a Twin Otter from Iceland flew to Daneborg, to evacuate a man with broken lims.
The plane will then return to Akureyri.

Flying at this time of the year is can be very difficult due to no day-light and bad weather!

Twin Otter on the way to Daneborg


A TWO (Twin Otter) from the Icelandic company Flugfelag Islands made it on a Greenlandic stamp :D

The hut in the back-ground is Kap Morris Jesup, the Northern most land in the world, 83 N