Sunday, March 25, 2007

Twin Otter

finally the plane arrived yeasterday. it brought with them mail and we shipped a small puppy to Danmarkshavn. it was only 10 weeks old. but it will have a good life there with lots of good food from the chefs' kitchen...

today the weather changed again. there's a bit of snow in the air, light wind and cloudy.

tomorrow our relief team is supposed to come back home. so in 3-4 days we will be on our move for new adventures. 10 weeks of them!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

time goes by...

since last time some things have happende. our watermaker is completely and utterly dead. it will not come to life before the summer. this means that we will not be able to produce more water this winter. hopefully there will be enough in the tanks so we could have a bath when we come back to daneborg in 10 weeks...

today we waited and prepared for an airplane, but due to bad weather it was cancelled on iceland. it was the same situation yeasterday.
hopefully we will have it tomorrow? I NEED MAIL!

there were some problems with one of the generators today. it was something with the batteries and the power to the machine. after a few hours we managed the problems and had it up and running again :0)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

bad weather again again...

yeasterday the weather was quite nice and calm.
this morning I woke up with snow on my bed.
it was 50-65 knots of wind and minus 20 degrees and lots of snow.
the small puppies were sleeping in a little house/wooden box and the roof had blown off. but i managed to put it on again.
we were supposed to have a plane today, but i think it will be another day...
our watermaker broke down again this night, but due to the bad weather i don't think we will be able to fix it today!
enjoy spring whereever you are

Sunday, March 18, 2007

this is how fast weather can change...

yeaterday we went for a small trip with our dogs. we brougt 15 of the. first we drove over to the other side of the fjord which is 10km. then we foloowed the coast line for some km untill we reached an old cabin. during this time it was nice and sunny and now wind. we stopped to have some hot tea and som biquits. then headded back towards daneborg. in the middle of the fjord the wind picked up and some snow started blowing in our heads. we could see bad weather and dark clouds coming in from the north and from the east. we knew we had to hurry back home before the bad weather hit us. just 2-3 km from daneborg one of the dogs was so tired that we had to put him on the sledge. just an hour after we left the cabbin we were back at daneborg. half an hour later the weather was getting really bad and then it just kept getting worse the rest of the evening. but it was so good to come home, instead of having to stay out on the ice for a night without a tent...

A new problem occured. it was our watermaker, which produces fresh water from salt water. it had broken down, so during 2-3 hours in winds around 30-40 knots, snow and darkness we had to walk around outside to try and fix it. finally we managed, but not for long! this night it broke down again. we have startede it again and hope it will stay that way...

stay warm whereever you are

new pictures

finally I managed to post some new pictures on my photoalbum

Monday, March 12, 2007


a few days ago we had a plane arriving from Station Nord (81.36N). it was picking up our last guest. he has been fixing and optimicing our internet. now we got IP-phone, which means that instead of paying DKK 9-17 pr min. we pay DKK 0.2 pr min. this is really good. now it's possible to stay more in touch with family and friends, without spending your salery on phone-calls;0)

finally we got some youghurt, fresh milk, cream and fresh fruit. we haven't had that since November. We imediately started eating youghurt for breakfast and lunch...hehe

the weather is still pretty rough here, with wind , clouds and now and then snow. yeasterday we managed to go on a small trip with the dogs. it's good for them and for us.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

bad weather again...

when I woke up this night, it was with snow on my bed...hehe
quickly I closed my window, before I would get stiff frozen.
most of the day has been spent indoors due to alot of wind and snow in the air. it has been possible to se mountains 20 km away, but not more 50m on the station.

today, I took out one of the generators for service. I had to change the oil on it at make it ready for another 14 days of hard work in the arctic...
When feeding the dogs I almost got blown over by the wind. the dogs are amazing, they hardly ever complain and the are the toughest and most rugged creatures on the earth. we wouldn't last for more than a few hours out there. they just curl together, with the snout and paws under their tail and wait for better weather.

stay warm everyone. PS one of the sledege teams are experiencing -50 degrees celsius..

Saturday, March 3, 2007

dogs carried onboard the plane...


the last week has been realy busy. I had to prepare a landing field on the fjord-ice. this took 5 days. when the plane arrived the pilots decided to use another place for landing and take-offs...grrr

3 of the sledge teams came back home. 2 of the are being flown up to Station Nord and further out into the terrain. from there they have a long, cold and beautiful way back home to Daneborg. the will arrive here on the 10th of June...

Most of the guests left today. it was releaving. now i can relax a bit. the best thing is that I don't have to cook for a lot of people anymore. jippi;0)

twin otter plane arriving at Daneborg