Saturday, August 23, 2008

A new blog

Instead of mixing up my greenland blog i have made a new one for my time to come in Iceland

here is a link.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in the freezer again...

After arriving in Denmark i drove down to my aunt to deliver my luggage so theat it could be transported back home to Norwway with the rest of my stuff...
it awas raining most of the time i was in denmark, but also quite hot. there fore we decided to go to a bar to get a drink, A COLD DRINK. we went to copenhagen icebar. it was below freezing point and quite funny.

on wednesday i flew back home to norway to relax and get my life back together, before i go to iceland on the 25th...

see you in iceland

Friday, August 8, 2008


«Fager er lien, aldri har den syntes meg så jevnfager, med bleke åkrer og nyslått tun. Jeg skal ri hjem igjen og ingensteds fare.»

"So lovely is the hillsidethat it has never before seemed to meas lovely as now, with its pale fields and mown meadows; and I will ride back homeand not go anywhere at all."

this is who I felt leaving Mestersvig, but I decided it was best to leave anyway...

the comment is taken from the icelandic sagas, "Gunnar a Hlidarenda"

Leaving Greenland after 3,5 years in Sirius and on Mestersvig...

On the 5th of August I left Greenland.
I spent 2,5 years in the Sirius dog sledge patrol where I drove 9000 km and spent 17 months of that in a tent or an old trappers cottage

I spent my last year in Mestersvig, where I also lived from 1975-78 as a child in Nyhavn.

I have enjoyed my stay in Greenland and will always remember the adventures and the beautifull scenery which is undescribable... I'm sure that one day I will come back... to sail with my boat or work again... time will show.

to all of you who read my blog and commented, it was great to hear from you and knowing someone was interested in my doings!

today i'm in copenhagen, Denmark where i will be for a few days, before heading back home to norway fore some vaccation.
on the 25th of August i will go to Iceland where I will spend the next 2 years taking a masters in Geology.

i will continue this blog, but this time from a new country...

there are some more pictures on my picture page!


My boat Jytte was set in the water on the 3rd of August. i had tried earlier but due to the lack of water in the bay and busyness with the supply ship this was the last chance. with very good help from my tired friends we got the ship in the water. while waiting for high tide we had som cake and champagne in my od house in Nyhavn. around midnight the water wouldn't rise any more and we had to pull the boat off the waggon. while the guys where pulling the boat over to the new hauling place i drove the waggon over there. there where some problems to get it over there, but we succeeded. at hrs 0230 we had the boat on the waggon and had it pulled up on the shore. then we went bakc home fore a beer and some sleep.

the next morning we did some cleaning up after the supply ship so that things that couldn't stay out-doors where brought in-doors.
i went down to the boat and started lifting the waggon up on pieces of wood. then a plane from Daneborg arrived with the boss from the office in Denmark and others who were all flying home with me on the hercules on the 5th of august.
after spending some housr showing them around on the station and in Tunnelelv.
during the the night I put on the cover on the boat and moved around with 400 kg of ballast from the boat. at 0400 i went tired to bed.

my last day in Greenland i spent working on the boat. Hansi and Stefan helped me with the last cover on the boat and to take the wheels of the waggon. a couple of hours before the plane arrived i had finished all the work on the boat and was ready to go back home...NOT!!!

more pictures out there...

supply ship at last

Finally i have some more time to add some pictures and write a few words.
we have been quite busy due to the arrival of the only supply ship to Mestersvig. due to some technical problems and heavy ice it arrived more than one week late in Mestersvig.
on the 1st of August at hrs 1316 the ship arrived in Nyhavn. until hrs 1815 the ship used the time to find an anchor point and to get a stern rope on shore. this was a bit difficult due to the ice in the Nyhavn bay. we also got several hundreds of metres of fuel hoses out to the ship.
at hrs 1815 the ship started to pump fuel to our tank on land. at hrs 0030 we had gotten 130 000 litres of fuel and we could start to pull the hoses back on alnd again. this took some time and Mads got fuel sprayed allover him as he was disconecting one of the couplings on one of the hoses.. there is always some fuel left even though the ship is blowing air through them after fueling...
our work comensed at 0145 as we went back to the station fore some sleep.
up again at hrs 0830 and the ship started to off-load on the beach in Nyhavn at hrs 1000.
untill hrs 1700 we got all 20 containers on land and 3 new vehichles. we used some of the new vehichles to make a new beach head to unlad thecontaineres. this was reenforced all the time and kept driveable during the whole operation.
From hrs 1700 to hrs 2200 the ship and it's crew had a break, while we were unpacking the containers so that they could be ready for the ship to take back empty.
at hrs 22oo the ship loaded the empty containers andat hrs 0200 the last one and the trucks from the ship was onboard and Arina Arctica left us.
this year every thing went really good and we couldn't have done all the work that fast without the help from good friends from Nanok (Peter, Søren and Asger), the team from Ella Ø (Hansi, Jesper, Troels and Orm), Cookie (the cook), the engineer (morten) and off course Mads and myself.
we landed 130 000 litres of fuel
45 tons of new vehichles
45 tons of provisions, spare parts, oil etc...
i put out some more pictures on my picture page!

Friday, August 1, 2008

problems to solve...

the picture is a couple of days old, when there wasn't any ice around...

after a night in Mestersvig the 2 ella Ø teams left us. they came here with a lot of garbage and provisions for the sirius depot. Mads and me tried to get Jytte in the water, we almost succeeded but there wasn't enough water... and soon i have to leave my paradise and return to civilization...

the supply ship finished at Daneborg and started sailing towards us last night.

we got up early and woke up to sun shine and the whole fjord packed with ice. last night there was nothing...ARGGG as it looks now it's not possible to get the fuel from the ship or the barge "Nuuni" from the ship to the shore with all our goods... time will show what happens. the ship isn't even here.

i'm getting a bit stressed up due to my upcoming travel back home, but i guess that day had to come sometime, it's not possible to stay in paradise for ever ;0)