Wednesday, October 21, 2009

back in Iceland

the closest i get to top Gun;0)
this is my ride back home, here we are at Keflavik ariport after 1 hr 20 min from Mestersvig. i have never flown that fast from Greenland to Iceland before!

everything went very well, anna picked me up at the airport, had some food at home and then we went to the swimming-pool and the hot pots;0)
the weather was excellent yeasterday, sunny and new snow in the mountains. today it's raining...

i put out some more pictures on my pictures

this blog will end now, untill i'm back in Greenland or doing something Greenland related...

you can all follow my life at the icelandic blog

thanks for all the comments:0)

Monday, October 19, 2009

sketch of Mestersvig

This is a modified sketch of Mestersvig and the surounding mountains with distance and height;0)

clearing the runway

Yeasterday we took out the snowblower and the snow-plow and started clearing the runway. it was first time for Raymund to do this so I spent some time teaching him how to do it right.
when we where almost finished with the apron the snowblower broke down, probably due to some electrical problems. luckily we got it back to the garage and it's possible to land a plane;0)

internet was down all day, due to solar solstice (storms) interference...

then i have to clean up my things and say good bye to Nyhavn and hopefully there will be a jet for me tomorrow, taking me back to Iceland...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a time to remember...

Today was the time to remember, remember our two colleagues Dan and Martin who went trhough the ice at Noret, this day 10 years ago.
Raymund and i put the flag at half mast and drove out to the two crosses that stand close to the place the accident occured. we brought two candles that we lit and held a minute of silence to remember and honour our colleagues and also those who serve with the armed forces around the world.
the dogs where with us, so the whole station was present in this memory.
then we drove out to Hamna and had a cup of hot chocolate and some crakcers. the weather has been absolutely magnificent, and the dogs are a bit tired after some 25 km of running...
tomorrow we have to start clearing the runway to be ready for tuesday, when i leave mestersvig, once again;0)
more pictures out there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

new plans...

this picture was taken at 0815 this morning, it might look like the gate to hell or a massive magma flow from a volcano...

today i got a new phone call from Denmark, "new plans, bjarki" the air-force is sending a jet on tuesday to pick you up;0)

after changing a lot of light bulbs out-doors on the station and doing service on one of the generators, we took the scooters and drove up to Minebyen. large parts of the road has been flushed away since i was there last year...

i taught Raymund where to drive and how to not flip over or how to save it when it has already happened, twice;0)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

news from the outer world...

well well, it seems that my departure will be delayed. today i got a phone call telling me that there isn't enough space on the plane so i have to wait for the next plane. the next plane will be on the 27th, if weather permits. i really hope so, because i have to be at a conference in southern iceland on the 29th...

this is the way the arctic works, there is nothing to do about the weather, space on planes and break downs. no need to cry because it doesn't help.
the positive thing is more pay for longer time and bigger chance of seeing the big white fellow again and visit nce places...

see you when i see you

last week in Arctic Paradise...

Picture of my fathers boat, Jytte in Nyhavn. As you can see the fjord ice has started to freeze. it is a mixture of pack-ice and new-ice. last night we got a few cm of snow and the day before a few mm of snow...
if the weather gets a bit better today, we will go on our scooters to minebyen:0)
the end of my stay is near, on wednesday i will leave this wonderfull place again. 7 weeks have passed on quickly as always... but it will also be good to see Anna again and being able to get fresh fruit, milk, youghurt etc...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

wonderfull ski trips

For the last couple of days i have been out skiing. the weather has been wonderful, a little bit of wind, sunny, no clouds and temp. around -8 degrees. on my ski trip today i came across polar bear tracks, so good thing i am armed in this place. even though the tracks are old, the bear is probably around, as there is no fjord ice it can escape over.

Since yeasterday a great deal of more ice has moved into the fjord, so if this continues we will soon have an ice cover in the fjord! jippiiii

Friday, October 9, 2009

life keep getting better...

This is a panorama picture taken from 800 m a.s.l. at Hesteskoen, from here you can see 100 km in each direction. GREAT VIEW
DLRH or Washburns Hus on the way to Minebyen. i said it before but this house has the best view in Mestersvig;0) Thanks to the Washburn family who got the house built in 1952 (i think).
finally we managed to get across the river, Tunnelelv. we drove snow scooters while our 3 dogs ran, wish i was in as good shape as them! First we went to the house and had some wamr chocholate, snickers and some crackers and enjoyed the view. then i got the idea that we should try and drive up on top of Hesteskoen (1118 m), even though there wasn't that much snow. we got to 851 m and then it got too steep, both due my problem with heigths, Raymunds first scootertrip and no more snow.
it was a fantastic day and we could see the whole fjord from kap simpson to Ymers Ø, and even getting paid for this:0)
the ice has started to form in the fjord, so i guess that in some weeks it will cover the whole fjord...
more pictures on my page!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

another great day

Most of the morning we spent trying to figure out why we don't get enough heating in the garage. this is done by the generators producing a lot of surplus heat, this is put through pipes which then goes to some fans in the generator house and then over to the garage. the problem is that we don't get the amount of warmt over to the garage, which is anoying as we know there is enough of surplus heat! we tried some different combinations of opening and closing some valves ( many options) and changing the pressure in a pressure tank. suddenly we got some more warm water over to the garage. it's a start but not enough. next face is to wait for some insulation for the pipes, this will probably give us at least 5-10 degrees of warmer water;0).

then we finished insulating the roof that we cut a whole in, the other day, put up a shelf and redecorated the room.
i needed to put some glue on the screws in my ski bindings as they where all coming out and then i went for a ski trip with the dogs. then the other ski binding started to come off, so i have some more mending to do tomorrow;0)

the my evening project is working on my poster so it can be presentable in a good way, so i can go to this conference when i come back to Iceland...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a beautiful day for skiing...

after lunsj i decided to take the dogs, and go skiing. it was cold and calm weather and the sun was warming me up. i walked down to Noret and then up on Langdyssen and the a bit around. the dogs were running around, chasing the local wild-life while i was enjoying the fresh air and the excersise...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More school work...late evening

This evening a made a 3D model of my little glacier and finished my first draft for a poster i have to show at a conference in Høfn, Iceland in the end of October.
hopefully it will be good enough, though I might expect some corections as it's my first poster ever!

what did you learn in "school" today???

this is a map i made of my little glacier today. it's made in GIS and it's an aerial photo where i have drawn in moraines and the different size of the glacier through time.

this was made after we had been out working and freezing of fingers and toes. we decided to get some more space in the garage, so in the middle of the winter, -10 and 15 knots of wind, we opened up the roof, cut the chimney in three pieces and then we had to mend the hole and finished off with putting new tare sheets on the roof. a nice big and warm cup of tea was needed afterwards. but nice to have done a good days work and gotten some more space...

Monday, October 5, 2009

scooter trip

Yeasterday Raymund and i drove our scooters to the hills around Nyhavn. we brought a shot-gun and walked a bit around to look for some food, but we didn't find anything... good thing the freezer is full!
there is still a need for some more snow, but it was ok to get around in the terrain. Tunnelelv is still full of water, more than 50 cm of water flowing, so we can't get over to Minebyen and Washburns hus!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Polar Bear

This morning when we were having breakfast a polar bear came walking in to our station. i grabbed my camera and started taking pictures and video.

our dogs didn't notice anything, even when i started shooting flares out of the window... thanks dogs!
the first picture is taken at Noret, a bit of new ice has started to form, but it's not strong enough so we didn't go out there. the bear broke through the ice several times. this was when we scared it away.

this picture is taken from the window of the tower, with the polar-bear 20-30 meters away:

isn't life in the arctic great?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a normal evening in mestersvig

After eating 3 hot dogs for dinner i decided to jump on my scooter and drive out on a small hill, Langdyssen to take some pictures of the station. it was almost fullmoon, .6 and some wind. the place i choose to drive up had a lack of snow and in the middle of everything i ended up in a gun-figth with a muskox;0). well it was only flares due to it's close presence to me. luckily it ran away and i could take my pictures. now i'm just getting warm again after some fresh air watching the scenery...

work work work

today we had to refuel some of the buildings. this was done by laying out a 100m fuelhose out to the buildings. then we turned on the fuelpump and waited, until it started coming smoke out of the pump. the fuel pump broke down so we had to abort the whole operation...
in some weeks we will have to use the old way, the fuel-waggon, which is also faster;0)

then we had to do alot of administrative work, sending orders for the christmas drop to the office, fuel statistics for the last month and phone records for the month. it will be exciting to see how much i have been calling for...

it's another great day, - 4, sun and almost wind. now i'm stuck indoors with my school work...
tomorrow i need to go skiing!!!!