Friday, June 29, 2007

photo contest

yeasterday we had a photo contest. we have one every year. the ten best pictures are enlarged and will be haning in "Sirihus" our main building for a whole year.

this is my picture and it got the shared first price. so I´m quite happy with that:0)

there will not be any new pictures untill I get home and have acces to a faster internet

have fun

online again!!!

I haven´t written much the last couple of weeks. this is because our internet conection has been failing a lot. this is due to problems with our satelite conection. nothing is like home with broadband.hehe

we have spent the time here on Daneborg, with preparing the upcoming summer. yes it´s still not summer here. the fjord is still covered with thick ice and the snow cover on land is between 10-20%.

in 10 days my father and brother will be visisting Daneborg. it will be fun to show them what I have been doing the last 2 1/2 years. it´s also as longe since I have seen them.

on the 16th of july I will have three weeks of vaccation. it will be great fun to spend some days in Iceland before returning to norway.

yeasterday I started packing all my things. it takes more time than I thought it would and fast I fill up my boxes...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New jobb

In May I was told I got a new jobb in Greenland.
Therefore I will have 2 weeks of vaccation in the end of July.
On the 1st of August I will fly back to Greenland and my new jobb in Mestersvig. Mestersvig is a military station 200km south of Daneborg.
during the winter time we will only be 2 persons there.
it's a very beautifull area and we have 8 dogs and 2 snow mobiles. it will only be possible to do day trips in the winter time. During the summer longer trips will be possible.
i will write more later

The last sledge trip...

I got back from my sledge trip 2 days ago. It has been a good trip. The last 10 weeks have been full og adventures. The last week has been quite hard, due to warm weather and water. Both dogs and men have been tired of each other. therefore we are all happy to have a nice and deserved summer vaccation...