Sunday, March 30, 2008

another day at the office...

yeasterday Hansi and I went on a scooter trip again. this time we went through Jægerdal to Kalledal and home via Antarctic Havn and Kap Syenit.
the weather was great, sunny, clear and calm with temperatures around -25.
the first part of the trip had a lot of powder snow and even running water in the river bed. spring is moving in early...
then we met our first obstacle. a waterfall of 5 metres. it wasn't possible to get through it on the snow scooters. therefore we had to go around it. it meant going up a steep mountain. it went ok, but i needed to try 3 times! uææ steep.
after going through a narrow and amazing canyon our last obstacle was a 4 metres snow wall. we stood on top of it and had to get the scooters down! the only way was to dig our way down. we removed 1 metre of snow and made a ramp and a soft cushin at the bottom. it was very warm so it wasn't a problem staying warm!!! we got everything down withour any problems and continued out of the canyon, into a huge vally with excellent conditions. from there on the trip back home was easy. all together 100 km and a great day at the office.
today was our 11th day with nice weather and no snow. it's great not to worry about the roads and the runway covered in snow all the time.
Hansi went on a mountain, Hesteskoen and I went hunting. after 3 hours I came back home, without seeing or shooting anything...
sleep thight

Thursday, March 27, 2008

scooter trip to kap simpson

once more, the weatehr was good in my kingdom. -27 and sunny. Hansi and I decided to go on our extreme trip to Kap Simpson. altogether the trip was 150 km. we brought a sledge, a tent, sleeping bags, burners and food. just in case something went wrong. there are no one to help us!
in the mean time sledge team 5 stayed on the station.
the trip was great, we saw a lot of new things and beautifull nature. there were quite some polar bear tracks at Simpson, but we didn't see any bear.
on our way we visited the ruin of the Bjørnebo cabin at Kap Simpson and the sirius depot at vælddal.
the snow was mosttly packed hard, so a bit anoying to drive on, now and then we had a soft layer which was quite nice. we started at 1045 and where back around 1600.

on arrival to mestersvig, we saw a plane and a crowd of people. it was not a scheduled plane. it was going onwards to Station Nord, but they had fog so they decided to stay here fore a few hours. after 10 min. a Twin Otter came along with some more people for Station Nord.
søren was the only one at home when the first plane arrived, so he had a chit chat and some coffee with them.
altogether a wonderful day in our backyard...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

how lucky can I be???

today Hansi got a tour with the HELO, they found one single male and one mother bear with 2 cubs. The small family was found just 22 km from Mestersvig. What a day on the job...
I spent most of the day on the radio, to comunicate and send weather forecast. there was one Twin otter on the way to Danmarkshavn and the HELO in our area.
Sledge team 5 went to the Petersens area on scooter to make a track for the sledge and to move some provision for their trip later on...
it was a beautifull, sunny day with temperatures around -30.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I´m truly one lucky bastard...

yeasterday we picked up sledge team, 18 km south of the station. we went out there on snow scooters. at the station the temperature was -30, but on the ice it was -40. pretty cold for a scooter trip. great weather though!

today a twin otter from iceland made a low-pass and dropped some mail and 4 icelandic "SNUD"s and a real tasty bread. They are so nice to us in Flugfelag Islands. Takk Kærlega fyrir alt!

A helicopter from the research vessel R/V Lance came here to get some fuel. i was lucky to go with them on a short trip to Ella Ø. there we found a polar bear. it was put down with a tranquilizer. we landed, did some measuremenst, blood samples and tagged it with a satelite tracker. the bear was a male, 3-4 years old, 210 long from tale to snouth with an estimated weight of 200 kg.
then we flew back home to Mestersvig, passing the Ella Ø station on the way.
truly a great day, too see the scientist doing field work in magnificent weather.

enjoy the pictures

Sunday, March 23, 2008

work work

today the weather was cloudy, so we decided to clear most of the runway. it took all day...
i didn´t feel that well today, but decided it would be better to be doing something instead of be sick indoors...
have some easter fun
i put out some more pictures

Saturday, March 22, 2008

beautifull weather

yeasterday the weather was very nice. i talked to a pilot from airlift. he is onboard Lance which is operating in the ice east of us. the want to come here and refuel. the are looking for polar bear.
we spnet most of the day in the snow blower trying to clear the apron of 4 metres of snow. it took some time but we managed. I made some holes in some fuel drums. that's what happens...
today the good weather continued, but the helicopter had 40-50 knots of wind and wasn't able to come here. it will be another day...
we moved some fuel from the large storage tank and fueled Blåtårn and Kantinen. after a good lunsj we went on a sledge trip with 6 of our dogs. all the way up to Washburns hus. the dogs kept a good pace. very impressing, for someone who are retired. like us! haha
sledge team 5 is 2 days from here, after spending more than 14 days on Constable Point...
have a happy easter

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

crappy easter weather and generator problems

this morning it started blowing and snowing.
we went out to the generators. today we had to take out the old water pump and put a new one in. the old one was not that good anymore. after putting everything together we thougt our problems were solved, but nooo. there was some problems getting the air out of the cooling system. therefore them temperature got too high and the generator shut down on us. grrr
after some hours we managde to lower the temperature to app. 88 degrees. it's a bit high, but it's running now! YES!!!

during the day the weather has worsened, with loads of snow and wind up to 30 knots. it looks like we have some more showelling to do...

have an nice easter and remember to eat some lamb!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

last news

during the last 6 days, we have had visitors and been traveling around.
on the 13th 2 twin otter landed here. one came from Station Nord via Danmarkshavn weather station. it had picked up Frederik who was going to the dentist.
the other plane came from Iceland. it brought some supplies and Phillip and Henrik, the 2 logistics from Zackenberg. Zackenberg is opening early for the first time.
the twin otter from station nord had skis on and the other one came on wheels. after transfering goods and people to the ski plane, it took off for Zackenberg and stayed overnight on Daneborg.
the other plane, the pilots and Frederik, had a night stop here.

on the morning of the 14th, "our" plane flew to constable Point to pick up 6 scientists and some more supplies. the other plane flew down from Daneborg. As the day before goods and people where transfered to the ski plane.

the wheel plane left for Iceland and the other one for Zackenberg. the ski plane then came here, where we helped them changing from skis to wheels. after a coup of coffee and some cake, we were left alone again...

on the 15th we went on a marvelous scooter trip to the bottom of Mesters Vig. we visited the cabins "Ekspeditionshuset", "Sorte hjørne" and "Jakobsbo". the first one was easy to find, the other ones we had to search fore. the positions we had didn't match the reality. Hans Lapstun had told us how to find "Jakobsbo", so by driving high on the mountain side we suddenly saw it below us. No problems.
the weather was clear, -23 and the view was fantastic.
On our way home we went by Kap Syenit for a cup of hot cocoa.
we came by "Permklippen" and had a great view of the fjords and mountains, went back to the station and took the dogs to Nyhavn. altogether a trip of app. 120 km.
My job is the best!!!

the last couple of days it has been foggy and low clouds. we have been clearing some more of the roads of snow and got some more water.

I put out some more pictures for you to enjoy...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


today the weather cleared up a bit. we started clearing the roads and the runway. it took some time to clear the roads down to the runway. espescially since we got stuck with the snowblower. after half an hour of digging we got it loose and could continue.
luckily for us the bad weather hadn't covered the runway in snow. the sides were the only ones with some snow drifts. in 6 hours we had cleared most of the runway, the apron and the roads. the runway is cleared in 1800 x30 m instead of the 40 m. the last bit will be cleared when we will get a bigger plane... tomorrow a twin otter will land here. it's on it's way to Zackenberg research station.
after work we took the 7 dogs for a sledge trip. we stood along side on skis...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

still snowing

god morning to all of you
here in Arctic Greenland it's still snowing, for the third day in a row. all our roads and houses are again covered with snow. the runway will have some snow to. by the way our runway and apron is 100 000 square metres, so quite a huge area to clean snow from...hehe
today will be an other indoors day. first we have to dig our way out to the generators and see if everything is what's it suposed to be...

Friday, March 7, 2008

stop snowing...

well after 5 days with nice and cold weather it slowly started snowing today.grrr
I just hope it will not be a lot...
Today i taught Hansi about the snow scooters, so he will be ready when the weather clears up and we can go for some adventures...
the dogs started a major fight today. Lindy bit Devil in the ass and Devil bit Lindy in the paw and in the nose so there was blood all over! so we had to mend them a bit and put them on medication!
I put out some more pictures on my picture page...
Have a good week-end

Thursday, March 6, 2008

skiing around

after some office work and the usual station round, Hansi and I went on a 3 hour ski trip. we walked around with 2 of our dogs, on all the small knolls in the vicinity of the station.
the weather was magnificent, though a bit cold. the temperature was between -29 and -34. even though we didn't climb higher than 200 metres the view was GREAT.
this is such a nice place to be, even thoug it's the most lonely work in the world?

the link is to a short program that that the Danish defence TV made, when they were here 3 weeks ago. it's put out on the net on the 3rd of March and the title is "tårnuglerne i Mestersvig..."

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


today the temperature dropped to -40. during the day the temperature has been between -35 and -40.brrr
the weather has been amazing, clear, bright and sunny ;0) what more can one wish fore???
today we drove out to the water lake and got 3000 litres of water for our tower. this means that we will have enough water for the next 2-3 weeks.
we repaired the aircraft heater we have in the garage, thus beeing able to get some heat in the garage, the temperature i around -5 in 1 metres hight...
then we dugg out the windows in Rødull and Kantinen and screwed boards on the windows, to prevent themn from the storms and and encrease the insulation.
At last we have been washing a lot of bed clothing from all our guests. this just takse some time.

stay warm my friends, where evere you are in the world

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

nice and cold

today the temperature passed -36 degrees. the weather was clear and beautifull.
we spent the day by draining the 3 houses that our guests have been using for the last 5 weeks. it took some time, but we think we managed to get everything out!

Monday, March 3, 2008

almost...leaving on a jet-plane

today all of our 24 guests left the station.
last night Hansi and I helped the twin otter crew, changing the tyres on the plane. we put on skis. it was -32 so not very warm...

this morning everyone prepared for the C-130 from the Danish airforce. it arrived at 1100 hours in beautifull clear weather. the plane was unloaded. we got 1000 litres of gasoline, 20 boxes of cereal, oatmeal, vegetables, potaoes and fresh milk and youghurt. MMMM for the first time since october we got youghurt...GREAT is the word!
after 30 minutes the plane had left again.

the twin otter was loaded with goods bound for Daneborg and left Mestersvig. thereafter it's going to fly 3 sledge teams to Station Nord and from there on, out in the terrain, up in the coldest and most remote parts of Greenland!

After some youghurt eating with sledge team 7, we helped them with the dogs and they left the station, north bound for Daneborg where they will arrive in 1 month.

Hansi and I started cleaning up the station and burning garbage. the marker poles along the run way was put up agian, while the dogs ran freely around in the terraine.

We had a hard time catching the female "Bitten" as she was to get a shot of vitamines. I lured here into her doghouse with some meat and finallyu caugth her.

it's kind of strange only the 2 of us left here, after almost 5 weeks with a lot of guests, between 15 and 25 most of the time.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


today the weather is nice and sunny. a beautifull day in the arctic ;0) -31 this morning.
Hansi, my new partner and I did the station round together. then he went on a smal sledge trip with 6 of our dogs. it didn't go that fast but they managed pretty well.

forskolen slept for some extra hours, before starting to pack down their gear. the also had a scooter driving scourse and a sledge course.

this afternoon the guests from Daneborg are coming back for a night-stop. before everyone except Hansi and me are leaving on a C-130...
yeasterday we cleared the whole runway and apron again... this time there was only 10 cm of snow on it. still it took a long time. we started at 7 and fininshed at 19 o'clock. a long day.
the plane had some problems in the morning. when they started the engine fuel poored out of the engine. this was due to the suddenly cold weather, where the different temperatures makes the fuel pipes changes size. but the mechanic fixed everything.
around 1400 the plane came back from Daneborg to bring some 900 kg of equipment to Daneborg.
enjoy your day, wherever you are...