Saturday, March 22, 2008

beautifull weather

yeasterday the weather was very nice. i talked to a pilot from airlift. he is onboard Lance which is operating in the ice east of us. the want to come here and refuel. the are looking for polar bear.
we spnet most of the day in the snow blower trying to clear the apron of 4 metres of snow. it took some time but we managed. I made some holes in some fuel drums. that's what happens...
today the good weather continued, but the helicopter had 40-50 knots of wind and wasn't able to come here. it will be another day...
we moved some fuel from the large storage tank and fueled Blåtårn and Kantinen. after a good lunsj we went on a sledge trip with 6 of our dogs. all the way up to Washburns hus. the dogs kept a good pace. very impressing, for someone who are retired. like us! haha
sledge team 5 is 2 days from here, after spending more than 14 days on Constable Point...
have a happy easter

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Anonymous said...

Happy easter my darling :*
Lambakjöt og páskaegg, vildi að ég gæti verið hjá þér í páskafríinu ;)
Þín alltaf,
Anna Mjöll