Wednesday, March 5, 2008


today the temperature dropped to -40. during the day the temperature has been between -35 and -40.brrr
the weather has been amazing, clear, bright and sunny ;0) what more can one wish fore???
today we drove out to the water lake and got 3000 litres of water for our tower. this means that we will have enough water for the next 2-3 weeks.
we repaired the aircraft heater we have in the garage, thus beeing able to get some heat in the garage, the temperature i around -5 in 1 metres hight...
then we dugg out the windows in Rødull and Kantinen and screwed boards on the windows, to prevent themn from the storms and and encrease the insulation.
At last we have been washing a lot of bed clothing from all our guests. this just takse some time.

stay warm my friends, where evere you are in the world


Anonymous said...

Sæll Bjarki..

-40 úfff, það er frekar kallt, það var +29 hérna í dag:).. Flott að Oli og Raggi komust af stad til Nord. Við sjáumst svo í vor, kveðja, Hjálmar V

Bjarne said...

Hi Bjarki,
You don't know me - and I don't you. But it's very interesting to follow your blog. I'm actually and old Dane (53)who was at Groennedal in 1975 as a Marine. And I follow Greenland very closely. I'm actually now living and working in India on my 3rd year. Here the temperature is about +35 - 37 degrees every day. So a bit warmer than at your place.
Best regards - Bjarne