Monday, March 17, 2008

last news

during the last 6 days, we have had visitors and been traveling around.
on the 13th 2 twin otter landed here. one came from Station Nord via Danmarkshavn weather station. it had picked up Frederik who was going to the dentist.
the other plane came from Iceland. it brought some supplies and Phillip and Henrik, the 2 logistics from Zackenberg. Zackenberg is opening early for the first time.
the twin otter from station nord had skis on and the other one came on wheels. after transfering goods and people to the ski plane, it took off for Zackenberg and stayed overnight on Daneborg.
the other plane, the pilots and Frederik, had a night stop here.

on the morning of the 14th, "our" plane flew to constable Point to pick up 6 scientists and some more supplies. the other plane flew down from Daneborg. As the day before goods and people where transfered to the ski plane.

the wheel plane left for Iceland and the other one for Zackenberg. the ski plane then came here, where we helped them changing from skis to wheels. after a coup of coffee and some cake, we were left alone again...

on the 15th we went on a marvelous scooter trip to the bottom of Mesters Vig. we visited the cabins "Ekspeditionshuset", "Sorte hjørne" and "Jakobsbo". the first one was easy to find, the other ones we had to search fore. the positions we had didn't match the reality. Hans Lapstun had told us how to find "Jakobsbo", so by driving high on the mountain side we suddenly saw it below us. No problems.
the weather was clear, -23 and the view was fantastic.
On our way home we went by Kap Syenit for a cup of hot cocoa.
we came by "Permklippen" and had a great view of the fjords and mountains, went back to the station and took the dogs to Nyhavn. altogether a trip of app. 120 km.
My job is the best!!!

the last couple of days it has been foggy and low clouds. we have been clearing some more of the roads of snow and got some more water.

I put out some more pictures for you to enjoy...

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