Thursday, March 27, 2008

scooter trip to kap simpson

once more, the weatehr was good in my kingdom. -27 and sunny. Hansi and I decided to go on our extreme trip to Kap Simpson. altogether the trip was 150 km. we brought a sledge, a tent, sleeping bags, burners and food. just in case something went wrong. there are no one to help us!
in the mean time sledge team 5 stayed on the station.
the trip was great, we saw a lot of new things and beautifull nature. there were quite some polar bear tracks at Simpson, but we didn't see any bear.
on our way we visited the ruin of the Bjørnebo cabin at Kap Simpson and the sirius depot at vælddal.
the snow was mosttly packed hard, so a bit anoying to drive on, now and then we had a soft layer which was quite nice. we started at 1045 and where back around 1600.

on arrival to mestersvig, we saw a plane and a crowd of people. it was not a scheduled plane. it was going onwards to Station Nord, but they had fog so they decided to stay here fore a few hours. after 10 min. a Twin Otter came along with some more people for Station Nord.
søren was the only one at home when the first plane arrived, so he had a chit chat and some coffee with them.
altogether a wonderful day in our backyard...