Thursday, March 6, 2008

skiing around

after some office work and the usual station round, Hansi and I went on a 3 hour ski trip. we walked around with 2 of our dogs, on all the small knolls in the vicinity of the station.
the weather was magnificent, though a bit cold. the temperature was between -29 and -34. even though we didn't climb higher than 200 metres the view was GREAT.
this is such a nice place to be, even thoug it's the most lonely work in the world?

the link is to a short program that that the Danish defence TV made, when they were here 3 weeks ago. it's put out on the net on the 3rd of March and the title is "tårnuglerne i Mestersvig..."

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Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki

Flot udsendelse. Sidder og læser din blog jævnligt og synes det er ret hyggeligt;-)
God weekend deroppe i kulden.