Tuesday, March 11, 2008


today the weather cleared up a bit. we started clearing the roads and the runway. it took some time to clear the roads down to the runway. espescially since we got stuck with the snowblower. after half an hour of digging we got it loose and could continue.
luckily for us the bad weather hadn't covered the runway in snow. the sides were the only ones with some snow drifts. in 6 hours we had cleared most of the runway, the apron and the roads. the runway is cleared in 1800 x30 m instead of the 40 m. the last bit will be cleared when we will get a bigger plane... tomorrow a twin otter will land here. it's on it's way to Zackenberg research station.
after work we took the 7 dogs for a sledge trip. we stood along side on skis...

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