Sunday, March 2, 2008


today the weather is nice and sunny. a beautifull day in the arctic ;0) -31 this morning.
Hansi, my new partner and I did the station round together. then he went on a smal sledge trip with 6 of our dogs. it didn't go that fast but they managed pretty well.

forskolen slept for some extra hours, before starting to pack down their gear. the also had a scooter driving scourse and a sledge course.

this afternoon the guests from Daneborg are coming back for a night-stop. before everyone except Hansi and me are leaving on a C-130...
yeasterday we cleared the whole runway and apron again... this time there was only 10 cm of snow on it. still it took a long time. we started at 7 and fininshed at 19 o'clock. a long day.
the plane had some problems in the morning. when they started the engine fuel poored out of the engine. this was due to the suddenly cold weather, where the different temperatures makes the fuel pipes changes size. but the mechanic fixed everything.
around 1400 the plane came back from Daneborg to bring some 900 kg of equipment to Daneborg.
enjoy your day, wherever you are...

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