Friday, February 29, 2008

busy busy bad weather...

Yes, I have been busy for the last couple of days. the weather has been crap here.
on the 26th the werather was fine here but it closed down on Daneborg. the twin otter with the visitors to Daneborg stranded here due to bad weatehr at daneborg. from then on we have been 25 people on the station. My new partner until august , Hansi ariived.
this means a lot of work and a lot of people hehe.
forskolen started their 100 km race at 1857...
on the 27th we finished the runway and the apron and clearing the road to the water lake.
The weather was still bad on Daneborg, so everyone had to stay here again.
it was light snow and wind most of the day, but fairly good weather.
on the 28th we got the bad weather from Daneborg. the wind peaked between 72 and 74 knots and heavy snow.
5 minutes before the peak the pilots had just finished turning the plane into the wind. it was a bit exciting to see if the plane was still there when the weather cleared again. YES, it was!!!
most of our roads got covered in snow and we got some snow drifts on the runway.
this morning the weather was still bad, but we started clearing the roads, only to be hit by even worse weather, snow and wind and -4 degrees. it was impossible to keep the roads clear so we drove the vehicles into the garage just waiting for the weather to settle...someday ;0)
the rest of the day we have spent maintaining some of the vehicles and putting up a new radiator in the Vappe-house.

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