Friday, February 8, 2008

still crappy weather...

Yeasterday morning there was a break in the weather. SH2 packed their sledge and prepared for departure. Hugger and I prepared the scooters and loaded 50 kgs of dog food on them. then we drove across the fjord to Sporvognen depot. there is a cabin which is quite nice.
we made the 30 something km in one hour. on the way the weather closed in on us, so we just dropped the dogfood in the cabin and hurried back home.
later that afternoon SH2 made it to the cabin.
In the mean time forskolen was doing an orientation march and hill training. Running up and down of a small hill to practise and encrease their skills of skiing.

Hugger and I had to dig out the markers for the runway so that we have something to line the snowblower in when we start excavating the runway...
in the afternoon the bad weather picked up again, with heavy winds and heavy snow.
we broke the wind record from october. yeasterday it peaked at 48 knots.
Today the wind settlede, but it's still snowing heavy. this evening the weather is supposed to get really bad with more snow and between 40 and 50 knots wind.
We have huge problems with the snow on the station. there is snow everywhere and we can't start clearing it before the weather gets stabile...

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