Monday, February 18, 2008

news from the Arctic outpost...

I made time for writing and putting pictures on the blog!!!
On sunday the bad weather ceased and we could start clearing the runway of snow. we got 1 metre of snow, so the clearing was quite difficult. some of the snow drifts were
almost 4 metres high. the speed on the runway with the snowblower was very slow. it took between 30 and 50 min to reach the other end of the runway. during the 4 days it took to clear the runway and the apron we managed to drive an iron pipe throug the snowblower. this gave some hours of delay, but didn't cause any severe damage to the drum!
The Sirius Forskole had their survival week. it started with them going through an hole in the ice and thereby getting all wet and loosing their equipment. during the next days the survived with what they had in their emergency bag. they dug out an snow cave and shot a musk ox and found some drift wood. during the days the made a few orientation marches. the last night out, they moved to Hamna (Cottage) which was 8 km away. they built a pulk of the musk ox skin and spent the next 4 hours reaching the cottage. at the arrival they found the cottage full of snow and without coal. after removing the snow and getting in the lea of the wind. the found some gas and some wood and some old cans of food, therebye surviving the arctic.
On Friday a Challenger plane (jet) from the airforce, landed with some people from the office. they were making a 3-4 hours inspection of the station and the surroundings. too all luck for forskolen they where "seen" and later rescued by an Twin Otter ( in this case a snow scooter with Vidar).
the 4 journalists left with the challenger and sledge team 5 the day after...

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