Thursday, February 21, 2008

on the move...

at 10 o´clock this morning the 3 instructors strapped their pulks on and headed towards the fjord ice.  I took my snow scooter and made a track in the deep snow. last night we got 20 cm of snow. 

This moment we are having heavy snow and wind, meaning that our runway is covered in snow. meaning a lot of work for Hugger and me, again again...CRAPP

During my trip to the fjord, a fog appeared. the temperature dropped 9 degrees. the only place without fog was around the station.
After driving around the students taking pictures  i went back home. Hugger and I then made a ski track and went for a ski trip. the weather this afternoon has just been getting worse.

Forskolen only made 12 km in 6 hours, but they will learn from it. it´s not the distance that counts! some of my dogs looked a bit tired and unhappy about their new job, since they are used to be running around freely. hehe

I put some more pictures on my gallery


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