Monday, July 30, 2007

at last, more pictures...

finally I hae put some of my pictures from the spring on the net.
just take a look under pictures...


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Facts about my time on SIRIUS

pre-scholing 8.5 months
28 months on greenland, of those 12.5 months on sledge trips
8580 km on skis and dog sledge, equivalent distance as London-Beijing or Oslo-Los Angeles
vaccation 5 weeks

Thursday, July 19, 2007

more Iceland...

i have spent the 2 first days be going to the hot swimming pools, cafe's drinking beers with the girls and visiting family and getting lots of good food and redvine.
the weather has been so good all summer, but i apparently brougth the rain to Iceland...

Sunday, I will leave Icveland and go to Norway and see if people have changede during the last 2 years or more. I haven't seen Norway in a long time no, so it will be good to see "my" country again.

the world has changed while I have been away, now you need a valid pasport to travel around...

stay warm

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Iceland and the end of SIRIUS...

this night my brother and I arrived in Iceland. he will leave for Norway tomorrow, while I will stay here untill Sunday for some rest and recreation...
have fun everyone, while I will join the civilization!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

visitors hours are due...

everyone arrived the day after the were supposed to do!
the last week has been used, to show my father and brother the station, my dogs, dog sledging and a rubber boat trip on the fjord.

most of the time the weather has been marvelous with lots of sunshine and calm winds.

the ice in the fjord started breaking up a few days ago. we managede to manouver between drifting ice to Sandøen where a colony of whalrus was sleeping.
yeasterday we managed to push three rubber boats over some ice and made it to Zackenberg reaserch station. one of the boats got caught in the ice and we helped them by taking pictures and video...hehe

to-night we are leaving for Mestersvig, were we will stay for the night.
then tomorrow, it's Iceland and vaccation...

this is my last day after being here at Daneborg and SIRIUS for more than 2 years!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

danish air-force...

due to problems with the C-130 hercules yeasterday. our parents didn't make it to Greenland as planned yeasterday.
instead the arrived in Keflavik Iceland where tehy spent the night.
to day they are flying to Mestersvig, Greenland where a Twin Otter is waiting to bring them up to us on Daneborg.

the C-130 that had planned to bring them back on the 16th, has been cancelled so therefore a civilian plane will bring them to Iceland on the 17th.

have a nice day

herre it's +13, calm and sky clear. beautifull weather for a beautifull day...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

last week on Daneborg...

I´m entering my last week on Daneborg.
tomorrow my father and brother will join me here for the "parental visit".
they will stay here with me untill the 15th, when we all fly down to Mestersvig. here my father will stay and prepare our boat for some vaccation with friends for the next month or so.

my brother and I will fly to Iceland on the 16th. He will retur to Denmark and Norway on the 17th, while I will stay in Iceland untill the 22.

today we had a helicopter landing and refueling twice. they were looking on some of the old trappers cabin in the terrain.

the weather has been lovely the last week, with temperature around +4-9 degrees celsius.

the fjord is still covered in ice. it´s not the best thing for our visitors, but we will still have fun! maby it will break up and disappear while they are here...