Monday, July 16, 2007

visitors hours are due...

everyone arrived the day after the were supposed to do!
the last week has been used, to show my father and brother the station, my dogs, dog sledging and a rubber boat trip on the fjord.

most of the time the weather has been marvelous with lots of sunshine and calm winds.

the ice in the fjord started breaking up a few days ago. we managede to manouver between drifting ice to Sandøen where a colony of whalrus was sleeping.
yeasterday we managed to push three rubber boats over some ice and made it to Zackenberg reaserch station. one of the boats got caught in the ice and we helped them by taking pictures and video...hehe

to-night we are leaving for Mestersvig, were we will stay for the night.
then tomorrow, it's Iceland and vaccation...

this is my last day after being here at Daneborg and SIRIUS for more than 2 years!

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