Sunday, July 8, 2007

last week on Daneborg...

I´m entering my last week on Daneborg.
tomorrow my father and brother will join me here for the "parental visit".
they will stay here with me untill the 15th, when we all fly down to Mestersvig. here my father will stay and prepare our boat for some vaccation with friends for the next month or so.

my brother and I will fly to Iceland on the 16th. He will retur to Denmark and Norway on the 17th, while I will stay in Iceland untill the 22.

today we had a helicopter landing and refueling twice. they were looking on some of the old trappers cabin in the terrain.

the weather has been lovely the last week, with temperature around +4-9 degrees celsius.

the fjord is still covered in ice. it´s not the best thing for our visitors, but we will still have fun! maby it will break up and disappear while they are here...


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vaka said...

Velkomin til byggða Bjarki minn. Hlakka til að sjá þig í sumar.

Hjá mér er nú fullt af smáfolki í heimsókn, og heimilið mitt lyktar af hlandbleyjummmm...