Tuesday, July 29, 2008

polar bear and no supply ship...

Today the supply ship was scheduled here, but due to the ice conditions the ship passed us and headed for Daneborg, where it's due at 2100 hours. they will probably be at Mestersvig on the 2. of august.
today we had 3 landings of a twin otter plane and one by a helicopter. the helicopter came from the supply ship and picked up 3 of the guys staying here and flew them to Daneborg.
on Malmbjerget they had several visits of a young polar bear. it has been really anoying and the people up there have been quite fed up with it. the will borrow one of our dogs, which is quite a good safety for them. the dog will be picked up in the near future by a helicopter...
a norwegian kayak party landed here and we brought them out to Nyhavn where the will start their journey...
to night we have to british geologist and two icelandic pilots staying for dinner.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the ice is losing it's grip on Kong Oscars Fjord, but it's still not enough.
therefore the supply ship will be post poned to the 30th of July.
the satelite picture is from today.
today i have been teaching mads and the cook how to do service on the generators and then we took our 15 dogs for a sledge trip. it was too warm for them so the trip wasn't that long, but they did manage everything very well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm a live...

the satelite picture is from sunday. in 3 days our supply ship is scheduled here, but i don't think it will make it through the ice. therefore it will probably go to Daneborg first.
this picture was taken from the washburn cabine (camp Tahoe). this is priceless!!!

last week we had visitors from home. my mother, father and my girlfriend Anna was here for a week. it was very nice to have them here. therefore i haven't updated my blog for a while, but now i will get down to business again...

Monday, July 7, 2008

an other air plane

Today our friends from CASP was picked up by an Twin Otter from Iceland and flown to Milne land, where they will be conducting geological surveys for the next 3 weeks.
Hansi made som new places for the nine new dogs arriving from Daneborg sometime this summer. I went to the water lake 3 times and got 9000 litres of water for the houses on the station. Then I preasurerized the water pipes so that water could flow into the pipes. Afterwards I continued working on the new place for the sledges.
during hte afternoon it started raining a bit, luckily it has stopped again. I need no more of this nonsense...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

maps of this and that

Hi Washburns and everyone else. I'm service minded so here you are.
color chart:
red are the roads
green is the runway
blue are the dams
pink is where the river has cut through the roads or the dams
i hope the map is big enough for everyone to see...

today the weather was sunny and marvelous again, after a long time with rain and fog.

we spent part of the day on the road, close to Nyhavn trying to fill the broken road. we where using the bulldozer but there was no gravel only fine sand and black mud. the road now consists of a wet pile of this mess. but in a day or two it will dry out and we will be able to work it into a normal road...

the rest of the day was spent by paper work on the containers with goods that we are sending home with the supply ship and Hansi went on a sledge trip wit one of the guys from CASP (Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme)

This is todays satelite picture over our area.
MVG in green is my station, it's on top of the V.
the fjord is 30 km wide.
the melting of the ice is very slow in our area, so it will be some weeks before we can sail anywhere...
o the top of the picture is DNB, Daneborg, the station is in the bottom of the B

this is a link to a newspaper in iceland. today an article about me and my life in sirius and mestersvig was published. it's on page 22, but it's in icelandic. but there are some nice pictures if you haven't learned the viking language

Saturday, July 5, 2008

damage control

just when we thougt the good times were about to start all h... broka loose. last night the dam broke open due to heavy rain for the last many days. out of 10 days we had 8 with rain...
i started up the old bulldozer and headed up for the dam. the next 3-4 hours i spent making a new channel for the river and repairing and strengthening the dams. this time with huge amounts of rock and sand. then i drove the bulldozer back to the station to refuel. as i was fueling the fuel pump broke so i had quite a leak to work on... the damage on the bridge in Nyhavn and on the road was severe. i guess murphy was around!

today the weather changed, the sun was shining for some time on us and the mosquitos came by...
we repaired the bridge and the road, but missed a big hole nearer to nyhavn, which we will do tomorrow. the rest of the day we spent by packing old paint into containers. this is all going home with the supply ship.

i invited our 3 neighbours from CASP on dinner, it's always nice to meat other people and be nice to them.

i put out some more pics...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

visitors from heaven...

on the first of july a C-130 from the danish air force came by on a training mission.
after loading the plane with 3 pallets, mostly of empty crates and my personal goods the captain turned off the engines. we had a chit chat and a cup of tea and showed them the station.
it was quite cozy to have some visitors again...

the rest of the day we spent packing old scrap metal in containers. this is all going back to denmark with the supply ship in the end of july...

for the last 7 days it has been raining almost every day and it´s quite anoying, cause i kind of hate the wet element...

new pics out