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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nye 7 mand paa forskolen

Saa har Sirius forskole startet paa kursus med 7 nye mand og min gamle makker, Andreas (04) som chef;0)

Sirius begynder efteraarsrejserne

Sirius har begynt efteraarsrejserne

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back again

Yes, i have been back for some time! the voyage from Isafjörður to Reykjavik went well, but walking around in Reykjavik made me walk like a drunk man, due to the long time spent at sea;0)

Early next day after arriving in Reykjavik, Anna and I flew to Copenhagen where my parents picked us up. we were all going to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the Sirius patrol, on a hotel in Jutland. almost 120 Sirius people showed up with their wifes and girlfriends, some coming from Greenland, some from Jerusalem, Norway, Iceland and elsewhere...

it was great fun  to meet old and new friends and spend the day and evening together telling old stories about dogs, snow and similar experiences during more than 26 months in NE-Greenland.

on monday we flew back to Iceland, as Anna needs to work to provide for me and i have some more work to do on my thesis...

i have been asked to come to Antartica as a guide and lecturer on board the Fram ( same ship as this trip), and after some short thinking i accepted. it is not every day you get a chance like this, to work with some nice people, see penguins and see the other icy world...

The first trip will be like this...

therefore i will travel to Buenos Aires in the end of this month and come back in the end of December. i look very much forward to these voyages, unless crossing the Drake passage, as i get quite easy sea-sick...but eating some pills and keeping my food inside my stomach is one of my goals!

                                                                                          The last two trips will be like this

You can follow my journey from my Icelandic blog,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This morning we arrived in Isafjörður in the west fjords of Iceland. a thin layer of snow was covering the mountains, but soon the sun looked out from behind the clouds and we could enjoy the scenery of the town. some of our guests went on different trips, short hikes, boat trip or a bus-tour. i went walk about in the town, looked at a great museum. Some of our guests tried the Hákarl= rotten shark and the almost deadly brennivin aka Svarta dauðir = black death. Afterwards i tried to find the local swimming-pool, which ended up with me not going there. instead i went to the local bakery got a cup of tea and a delicious pink cake.

for lunch the expedition team met in  an old house and got a delicious fish soup and many different dishes of fried fish, served on the frying pans.

now we are cruising towards Reykjavik along the beautiful fjords.

last evening we saw Flipper and his friends...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blomsterbugten-DNB-Myggbukta and Ella Ö

the internet has been down a bit and we have been quite busy.

During the night we sailed from Alpefjord to Blomsterbugten in Keizer Franz Josephs fjord, only to wake up to another beautifull morning in the national park. we landed close to the old hut and after posting the "prison" guards in the terrain the guests could come ashore. it was bitterly cold to stand in the shadow, but after the sun came along and some hot cacao i was back in business. after teaching my colleagues why the matches should be sticking out of the match box etc. we went onboard the ship again and cruised out the fjord in great weather and and with a magnificent scenery, towards Daneborg, headquater of Sirius.

the next morning Ejnar Mikkelsen a war ship from the Danish navy was at anchor and later that day Vædderen a larger naval vessel joined us. it is deffinately not every day there are three ships at anchor at Daneborg!

four people at the station were friendly enough to wake up from a small hangover due to "slædedaab" and guide our groups around on the station. our guests found it very interesting, especially due to my lecture about Sirius yesterday.

we invited Sirius onboard for lunch, we looks completely crazy and surealistic out, but glad we could give something back to the boys.

we cruised down along Clavering Ö to watch Dödemandsbugten and Eskimonæs on our way down to Myggbukta.

Next morning snow had moved further down the mountains and the weather was clam and the sun was a little far away. on our way to the landing site a polar bear showed its face, creating some problems and organizing. everything went well and we had our perimeters put out to protect our guests. Ejenar Mikkelsen was also in Myggbukta and visited the station.

Steffen and I went up to the bear to see what it was doing and to scare it away. at 100-150 m it look at us for some time and decided to go away. i had only brought my 40 mm lens and was soooo mad! arggg dumme bjarki!

then we sailed towards Ella Ö via Sofia Sund, while enjoying the jacuzzi and the scenery.

today weather was still great, as always in "my" Greenland, minus 1 and some wind but later on sun and still weather. a polar bear had trashed large parts of the station so Palle (63) and Kasper repaired most of it while we were standing guard.

after looking at icebergs close to Ruth Ö, some of which where 45 m high we sailed through beautifull Narhval Sund only to meet Ejnar Mikkelsen again close to Kongeborgen.

the day ended by Kasper, Kathrine and me in the jacuzzi ocerlooking Mestersvig and leaving the National park, heading for Isafjördur...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mestersvig and Alpefjord

Yesterday in a little bit of snow and low clouds we landed on the beaches of Nyhavn in Mestersvig. during our four hour stay, the cloud cover lifted and revealed Greenland in all its beauty, with sun and a sugar cover of new fallen snow on the mountains. last year i was skiing in this area only 10 days from now!
we only stayed in Nyhavn due to the short landing time and the helath of the passengers. Thomas and Torben from FVM came down together with the dog Lola and had a small souvenir shop, visited the boat and had breakfast and did expedition control of the ship.
After we left Mestersvig we sailed into Alpefjord where we got absolutely magnificent weather, no clouds and lots of sun. cool weather and almost no wind.
close to Spærregletcher we did almost two hours of polar circle boat cruis in behind Spærregletcher in fantastic weather and conditions. jagged peaks of almost 3000 meters and sugar cover in snow and just amazing.
the day ended by me to sit in a jacuzzi on the top deck looking at the stars...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reached Scoresbysund

at hrs 1500 we reached Scoresbysund, only 4 hrs delayed. the sea got a bit calmer during last night and people was waking up from the half-dead...

we had a nice day in scoresbysund in sunny weather. I met Martin and Karina from nuna travel, petted some little puppies and went to kaffemik at Martins house.

i held two lectures about Mestersvig before entering Scoresbysund and i just held another after dinner for the Scandinavian speaking about Mestersvig. the sea is getting a bit bumpy again, but luckily not 10 meter waves and it is only 245 km to Mestersvig. in Mestersvig we will only be in Nyhavn and walk a little bit around.

After getting the sea-sickness away the chance of getting fatter is present. the food is really good and there is enough of temptations with a huge calorie content;0)

Far from that I am very happy to be back in my back-yard, so to speak. today i visited my first town outside the National park, that only took me almost 8 years!

I hope we get nice weather and good conditions so we can show our guests what a beautiful place we are going to.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sea-sick in the Denmark strait...

All night it has been bad weather and we havent really come into the Denamrk Strait. wind has been between 20 and 25m/sek with 10 m high waves. i am a bit sea-sick, though close to throwing up i mangaed to keep it in me.

the ship is very nice, except the lecture rooms are in the bow of the boat. i was supposed to hold 3 today but it ended up with a small-talk in the lounge instead. after 35 min i had to run on deck and get some air!

we are delayed due to the weather so will maybe reach Scoresbysund tomorrow evening instead of hrs 1100. i cant wait to get stable ground under neath my legs again.

the sea and wind is calming down a bit, just not fast enough.
last time i checked my gps we were only 60 km NW of Hornbjarg, the westfjords of Iceland.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to NE-Greenland again, again...

Tomorrow I will go to NE-Greenland again, again... this time with "Fram" from Hurtigruten.

there will be around 220 passengers on board, mostly from Germany and we will be 8 guides and lectures. Palle Norit, a former Sirius member from my fathers time in the 60´s is also on board. The plan is to sail from Reykjavik to Scoresbysund-Mestersvig-Alpefjord-Blomsterbugten-Daneborg-Myggbukta-Ella Ö-Isafjörður and Reykjavik.

This will be a trip right into my own backyard so to speak;0). finally i will be able to go to a Greenlandic town, Scoresbysund. this is a bit strange since i have spent almost 8 years inside the National park...

I will try to update my blog during the trip, if not something will come after the trip.

I will be back in Reykjavik on the 23rd and the 24th Anna and I will fly to Denmark to attend to a big party to celebrate that SIRIUS is 60 years old...  then back to Reykjavik on the 26th, and see what my supervisors have to say about my thesis!

The ship has a web-camera and a blog that will be updated every day, so you can see what we are all up to...

HANDED in my master THESIS

tonight I handed in my master thesis, again. hopefully it will be good enough this time. now it is 106 pages and almost 27 000 words, which is a lot. I have been way too busy, i think;0)

my supervisors will go over it while i leave the country and go to Greenland...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back from Greenland

this photograph is from the Malmbjerget area in NE-Greenland. Malmbjerget is top right mountain.

we had a great trip and spent 2 days in Akureyri, North Iceland due to delays of the ship we were using. So we studied the local town for one day and the swimming-pool and the next day we rented two cars and drove to Myvatn, Dettifoss, Godafoss, Asbyrgi, Husavik and back again. we had a swim in Grjotagja at Myvatn, which is a very warm (for some people not used to warm water) cave with influx of water from a crack in the earth!

Then we flew in two planes to Constable Pynt in Greenland and all cramped together in one twin otter plane and flew up to Mestersvig, overflying Malmbjerget on the way, which was covered in clouds.

the ship we used as base had anchored up in Mesters Vig and not in Nyhavn, so we had to wait for some hours before it had gotten to the right place, so that we could hoist the helicopter on deck and attach the rotor-blades. in the evening we flew up to Malmbjerget to have a look at all the sites and walk around in the camp...

i will write more later

i must do some more work on my thesis which is due on september 12th...

there are a few more pictures on my pictures

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i came back from Greenland yesterday after 9 days of great weather and good work and many good adventures with good friends.

i lost part of my luggage with my hard drive, pas port and wallet... but hope to find it again.

now i am in school and will have to work hard and finish my thesis...

will write more later

Friday, August 6, 2010

still in Akureyri...

we are still in Akureyri
yesterday we walked around in akureyri in beautifull weather and looked at stores and had a lot of good food to eat.
to day the weather was a bit more cloudy, with occassional showers of rain and sun. we rented two cars and drove to myvatn, swam in a cave with very warm water, looked at the geothermal areas, dettifoss and godfoss, asbyrgi, saw whales from a distance near husavik and had a marvelous but slow dinner at strikid, situated on top of a building in akureyri with a great view over akureyri.
tomorrow morning w plan to fly to greenland and strat working and flying helicopters...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

man attacked by polar bear in greenland and it was shot by his friend.

last week the same thing happende on svalbard

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mestersvig again...

it seems like i can never stop going back to my beloved Greenland...

two days ago i came back to Iceland, after spending three weeks in Norway, helping my parents laying floors in their house.

the days in Iceland have been spent catching up with some things on my master thesis, which i am about to be really sick off...

tomorrow i will fly to Akureyri in northern Iceland, where i will stay a night in a hotel and catch up with my fellow co-workers.

Thursday we will fly to Mestersvig, Greenland were we will stay and work for approx two weeks.

altogether we are 7 people, 3 former Sirius members, 1 from station Nord and the rest civilians. we are employed by Quadra mining to clean up and ship home a lot of equipment, fuel drums and garbage from the area around Mestersvig.

an Icelandic ship will be anchored in the bay and we will sleep in containers on the deck and fly helicopter to work every day;0)

it will be long days with many hours of work, so we hopefully will have some time for a small trip or two...

i am not sure if it will be possible to get online, so you just have to wait for my photographs and descriptions from my life...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Releived from duty

Relieved from duty, last day working for the Royal Danish military!
7 1/2 years of good times;0)
4 of these years i spent in Greenland at Sirius and Mestersvig and also 8 months at Sirius forskole, different sirius courses.
and the last 2 years i have been in school...

i am handing in my thesis for another review tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mestersvig June 8th 2010

this satellite image from June 8th 2010 is draped over a Digital elevation model to create the 3D effect. vertical exaggeration is 1.5 times.

Mestersvig June 18th 2010

this satelitte image from June 18th 2010 has a cloud cover of 49%, but it is still possible to see the melting of snow on the landscape...

Friday, June 11, 2010

good resolution of Mestersvig

Royal Danish military outpost Mestersvig and Nyhavn, May 24th 2010, draped over a terrain model...i have a much better resolution but that will cost you...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

spring melt in Mestersvig

i found these 4 quickbird images taken by a satellite passing over Mestersvig, showing how and when Tunnelelv and snow melt commenced . it is easy t see how the melt water lakes are connected to the river runoff...(if you are a nerd like me)
the images are from may 1 to may24th 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gormsen and SH3 went to Alert, Canada to work with the Rangers

Article 1

Article 2



sledepatrol 3 (SH3) went to Alert in Canada to have an excercise with the canadian rangers. this is the first time in the history of Sirius that they operate outside Greenland...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sirius-De udvalgte

This is a clip from a tv series running on the danish channel 6'eren, about the life in the sirius patrol and the courses in denmark during the election period of the few who gets into the program... (higher resolution)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This years Sirius winter training has arrived in Mestersvig

This years Sirius winter school has arrived in Mestersvig. they are 7 men and 2-3 instructors. they will spend 4 weeks at Mestersvig, learning to ski and survive in the Arctic. the course will have both a swimming excercise and a 100 km ski run and off-course a really good time!

i wish it was me...
i am sitting in school in Iceland and trying to finish my master thesis in glacial geology by the 17th of May...