Friday, September 17, 2010

Mestersvig and Alpefjord

Yesterday in a little bit of snow and low clouds we landed on the beaches of Nyhavn in Mestersvig. during our four hour stay, the cloud cover lifted and revealed Greenland in all its beauty, with sun and a sugar cover of new fallen snow on the mountains. last year i was skiing in this area only 10 days from now!
we only stayed in Nyhavn due to the short landing time and the helath of the passengers. Thomas and Torben from FVM came down together with the dog Lola and had a small souvenir shop, visited the boat and had breakfast and did expedition control of the ship.
After we left Mestersvig we sailed into Alpefjord where we got absolutely magnificent weather, no clouds and lots of sun. cool weather and almost no wind.
close to Spærregletcher we did almost two hours of polar circle boat cruis in behind Spærregletcher in fantastic weather and conditions. jagged peaks of almost 3000 meters and sugar cover in snow and just amazing.
the day ended by me to sit in a jacuzzi on the top deck looking at the stars...

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