Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sea-sick in the Denmark strait...

All night it has been bad weather and we havent really come into the Denamrk Strait. wind has been between 20 and 25m/sek with 10 m high waves. i am a bit sea-sick, though close to throwing up i mangaed to keep it in me.

the ship is very nice, except the lecture rooms are in the bow of the boat. i was supposed to hold 3 today but it ended up with a small-talk in the lounge instead. after 35 min i had to run on deck and get some air!

we are delayed due to the weather so will maybe reach Scoresbysund tomorrow evening instead of hrs 1100. i cant wait to get stable ground under neath my legs again.

the sea and wind is calming down a bit, just not fast enough.
last time i checked my gps we were only 60 km NW of Hornbjarg, the westfjords of Iceland.

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Asger said...

haha... ikke moro med mye sjø... Håper alt er bra og at du får noen flotte opplevelser på turen som guide i din bakgård!! kos deg!