Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This morning we arrived in Isafjörður in the west fjords of Iceland. a thin layer of snow was covering the mountains, but soon the sun looked out from behind the clouds and we could enjoy the scenery of the town. some of our guests went on different trips, short hikes, boat trip or a bus-tour. i went walk about in the town, looked at a great museum. Some of our guests tried the Hákarl= rotten shark and the almost deadly brennivin aka Svarta dauðir = black death. Afterwards i tried to find the local swimming-pool, which ended up with me not going there. instead i went to the local bakery got a cup of tea and a delicious pink cake.

for lunch the expedition team met in  an old house and got a delicious fish soup and many different dishes of fried fish, served on the frying pans.

now we are cruising towards Reykjavik along the beautiful fjords.

last evening we saw Flipper and his friends...

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