Sunday, July 28, 2013

News from Jytte

Yesterday my father called from Dicksonsfjord. Since arriving in Greenland the weather has been extremely good. Only sun shine and temperatures between 18-24 degrees.
They walked up to the mountain Bastionen on Ella Ø, 1367 m in the best weather ever.
Most of the fjord ice has disappeared and they have even seen a polar bear. 10 years ago it was very unusual to meet bears in the summer, but as there is getting less and less sea ice the bears get stranded on land...
Jytte at Ella Ø, taken a few days ago by my Davið, my pilot friend at Norlandair

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today my father and friends left Nyhavn with Jytte. They will stay in the inner parts of the fjords.
The weather is great and most of the sea-ice has disappeared...

Mestersvig area 23. July

A link to tide water has been added to the right

Monday, July 22, 2013

Status of the Malmbjerget deposit

Malmbjerget report

Kolossen and the camp at Sorte Hjørne, photo from KGHM webpage

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My father is in Mestersvig

Today my father and four friends flew from Akureyri to Mestersvig via Constable Point, in a Twin Otter (TWO) from Norlandair.

Mestersvig today, 18th of July
They will be staying there until the 25th of August and sail around in the fjord and enjoy life, far away from the stressful normal day-life at home.
Here there will be no mobile phones, no internet, no tv, no shops and only a handful of other people. This is paradise, at least for the next five weeks.
They will be sailing around with our boat Jytte. The boat has not been in use for 6 years, so it is about time. There will be some work to get it into ship-shape and put her into the water, but that is all fun work :D

Our boat Jytte