Sunday, July 28, 2013

News from Jytte

Yesterday my father called from Dicksonsfjord. Since arriving in Greenland the weather has been extremely good. Only sun shine and temperatures between 18-24 degrees.
They walked up to the mountain Bastionen on Ella Ø, 1367 m in the best weather ever.
Most of the fjord ice has disappeared and they have even seen a polar bear. 10 years ago it was very unusual to meet bears in the summer, but as there is getting less and less sea ice the bears get stranded on land...
Jytte at Ella Ø, taken a few days ago by my Davið, my pilot friend at Norlandair


BRIAN JOHN said...

Found your blog, Bjarki. very interesting -- thanks for all the info posted. I was one of the leaders of the OU East Greenland Expedition in 1962 -- many happy memories. Can you please help me? Are there any trappers huts in Alpefjord or Fureso?

Bjarki Friis said...

Dear Brian
Thank you very much for the comments.

There are no trappers huts in Furesoe, but there are two in Alpefjord. One is in bad condition and probably not usable. The second one is in ok condition, but low and small, but it is possible to sleep two people or store equipment in.
I have posted a picture of the hut on my blog.
Have you maybe met my father, Henrik Friis? He came to Sirius and Ella OE in the summer of 1962.

Nels Rune Jensen said...

Hi Bjarki,

My dad Benny Jensen served with your dad in Sirius in 62. He just passed away and I stumbled on your blog while searching through a list of his old buddies from Greenland.

Best regards,
Nels Rune Jensen