Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a new warm record

we finished the new floor in the hall way. then we took down everything in the room and painted it.
after some more snow we had to clear all the roads and the runway again. while doing so, the temperature rose to +9.2 degrees, which was the warmest so far this year. from the 20th the weather has been warm and spring has definately come to us. the snow has started to collapse and getting rotten. every day we see changes in the amount of snow. i think we want have any snow here in 3 weeks! the skiing and sledging conditions are now really bad, especially when you use wooden skis like me ;0)

yeasterday we invited our neighbours on "Pinnekjøtt" a traditional norwegian christmas dis. it´s smoked and salted lamb meat which I steamed in a pot. I love it!!!

today a plane was supposed to come here and pick up our neighbours, but the weather gods wanted it different and covered the coast in fog and low clouds. we will have to see what tomorrow brings...

I put out some more pictures on the net!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ja vi elsker dette landet...



on the 17th of May we were invited to Nyhavn to celebrate 17.Mai with our Norwegian neighbours. it's the national day of Norway.

the weather was rather bad, almost like in Norway. snow, clouds and low visibility. it didn't matter that much, as we were indoors most of the time. the got some very delicious food, with starter main course and desert. some wine and drinks to complete everything.

at 3.30 we went back home and i got a long and needed rest...

on the 18th we didn't do anything except watching movies and relaxing. in the evening while i was making dinner a jet plane from the danish airforce called us on the radio and he made 2 low-pass over the station. ut had been doing fishery inspection in our area. the ice free area. hehe

for the last couple of days it has been snowing a bit so we had to clear the roads and the runway today. there is still a bit more left on the runway.

our neighbours came visiting us and helping us to lay the tail floor in the hall.

hansi took Per on a dog sledge trip. it was around 15 km and Per looked a bit tired afterwards...

i put out some more pictures

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more seal hunting

this morning we did a 14 days maintenance on one of the generators. it involves changing oil and looking after leaks etc.
after lunch we took the dog sledge out for a spin. i shot my first seal while being in Mestersvig.
hansi also shot one. then we have dog food for at least a week.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

new floor...

after getting a glue gun, I could finally glue the heating cables to the old concrete floor. thereafter I covered the cables with concrete. this has to dry for a couple of days before we can put an other layer of concrete on. this will hopefully be good during the winter with tails and heating in the floor.
i put some pictures out from our seal hunting the other day. this is really good food for the dogs, so they enjoy it...
2 days ago we had an Twin Otter from Iceland, it brought us new spare parts to the central heater. finally we have heating in the tower and warm water!!!
the midnight sun has begun and the temperature is between 0 and -5 degrees

Thursday, May 8, 2008


today I was notified from the office in Denmark that the date of my departure from Greenland is August 6th.
therebye ending 3 1/2 years in Greenland. then it's back to civilization and the modern world...

I will be seeing some of you out there....


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


we kind of hoped we fixed the central heating! we got it running for almost 2 days, so we could get a shower again and some warmth in the tower. but now it's broken down again. there is an air plane ready to bring some spare parts to us but it has been stranded on iceland due to bad weather since yeasterday. today it's snowing a bit and completely closed down. untill good weather comes our way we can wash in the snow...haha NOT!!!

i'm beginning to think that Italian quality isn't that good. the central heater is italian and now the internet has started to behave poorly, which is also italian...
last evening i took the snow scooter up in the mountains to take som pictures. it was very beautiful. the fog was in the fjord and the soft glowing midnight sun was pøaying in between the clouds... i feel lucky to see this!

those of you who asked to use my pictures! feel free to use them.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shit Shit...

while preparing the floor in the entrance for tail laying the oil heater in the tower stopped working. it has been a bit on and off the last week. today it completely stopped working.
we had it taken apart and changed some parts, but it's still not working.
since we doesn't have the parts for the oil heater this means we will have no heating or warm water in the tower. GRRR
we have 2 small electrical fans on the first floor, but the are not able to heat the whole tower.
after some weeks we probably smell a bit...hehe
at noon we had 0 degrees in the sun, but during night it's around -10 to -15 degrees.
stay warm, spring is on its way...