Monday, May 19, 2008

Ja vi elsker dette landet...



on the 17th of May we were invited to Nyhavn to celebrate 17.Mai with our Norwegian neighbours. it's the national day of Norway.

the weather was rather bad, almost like in Norway. snow, clouds and low visibility. it didn't matter that much, as we were indoors most of the time. the got some very delicious food, with starter main course and desert. some wine and drinks to complete everything.

at 3.30 we went back home and i got a long and needed rest...

on the 18th we didn't do anything except watching movies and relaxing. in the evening while i was making dinner a jet plane from the danish airforce called us on the radio and he made 2 low-pass over the station. ut had been doing fishery inspection in our area. the ice free area. hehe

for the last couple of days it has been snowing a bit so we had to clear the roads and the runway today. there is still a bit more left on the runway.

our neighbours came visiting us and helping us to lay the tail floor in the hall.

hansi took Per on a dog sledge trip. it was around 15 km and Per looked a bit tired afterwards...

i put out some more pictures

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