Wednesday, May 7, 2008


we kind of hoped we fixed the central heating! we got it running for almost 2 days, so we could get a shower again and some warmth in the tower. but now it's broken down again. there is an air plane ready to bring some spare parts to us but it has been stranded on iceland due to bad weather since yeasterday. today it's snowing a bit and completely closed down. untill good weather comes our way we can wash in the snow...haha NOT!!!

i'm beginning to think that Italian quality isn't that good. the central heater is italian and now the internet has started to behave poorly, which is also italian...
last evening i took the snow scooter up in the mountains to take som pictures. it was very beautiful. the fog was in the fjord and the soft glowing midnight sun was pøaying in between the clouds... i feel lucky to see this!

those of you who asked to use my pictures! feel free to use them.

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Hello from Casablanca!