Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shit Shit...

while preparing the floor in the entrance for tail laying the oil heater in the tower stopped working. it has been a bit on and off the last week. today it completely stopped working.
we had it taken apart and changed some parts, but it's still not working.
since we doesn't have the parts for the oil heater this means we will have no heating or warm water in the tower. GRRR
we have 2 small electrical fans on the first floor, but the are not able to heat the whole tower.
after some weeks we probably smell a bit...hehe
at noon we had 0 degrees in the sun, but during night it's around -10 to -15 degrees.
stay warm, spring is on its way...


trol said...


your photos are amazing!!
guess how i spent my day at work yesterday heh.
really great!

greetings uit greece

ah, also,
do u mind if i use some photos on my blog? (with credit and all)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bjarki
Gott ad thad er alltaf jafn gaman hja ykkur og lyktina finnid thid sennilega ekki sjalfir, svo thad sleppur ef enginn kemur i heimsokn :)
Flottar myndir
kv.Helga Kr.