Monday, September 20, 2010

Blomsterbugten-DNB-Myggbukta and Ella Ö

the internet has been down a bit and we have been quite busy.

During the night we sailed from Alpefjord to Blomsterbugten in Keizer Franz Josephs fjord, only to wake up to another beautifull morning in the national park. we landed close to the old hut and after posting the "prison" guards in the terrain the guests could come ashore. it was bitterly cold to stand in the shadow, but after the sun came along and some hot cacao i was back in business. after teaching my colleagues why the matches should be sticking out of the match box etc. we went onboard the ship again and cruised out the fjord in great weather and and with a magnificent scenery, towards Daneborg, headquater of Sirius.

the next morning Ejnar Mikkelsen a war ship from the Danish navy was at anchor and later that day Vædderen a larger naval vessel joined us. it is deffinately not every day there are three ships at anchor at Daneborg!

four people at the station were friendly enough to wake up from a small hangover due to "slædedaab" and guide our groups around on the station. our guests found it very interesting, especially due to my lecture about Sirius yesterday.

we invited Sirius onboard for lunch, we looks completely crazy and surealistic out, but glad we could give something back to the boys.

we cruised down along Clavering Ö to watch Dödemandsbugten and Eskimonæs on our way down to Myggbukta.

Next morning snow had moved further down the mountains and the weather was clam and the sun was a little far away. on our way to the landing site a polar bear showed its face, creating some problems and organizing. everything went well and we had our perimeters put out to protect our guests. Ejenar Mikkelsen was also in Myggbukta and visited the station.

Steffen and I went up to the bear to see what it was doing and to scare it away. at 100-150 m it look at us for some time and decided to go away. i had only brought my 40 mm lens and was soooo mad! arggg dumme bjarki!

then we sailed towards Ella Ö via Sofia Sund, while enjoying the jacuzzi and the scenery.

today weather was still great, as always in "my" Greenland, minus 1 and some wind but later on sun and still weather. a polar bear had trashed large parts of the station so Palle (63) and Kasper repaired most of it while we were standing guard.

after looking at icebergs close to Ruth Ö, some of which where 45 m high we sailed through beautifull Narhval Sund only to meet Ejnar Mikkelsen again close to Kongeborgen.

the day ended by Kasper, Kathrine and me in the jacuzzi ocerlooking Mestersvig and leaving the National park, heading for Isafjördur...

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