Tuesday, July 29, 2008

polar bear and no supply ship...

Today the supply ship was scheduled here, but due to the ice conditions the ship passed us and headed for Daneborg, where it's due at 2100 hours. they will probably be at Mestersvig on the 2. of august.
today we had 3 landings of a twin otter plane and one by a helicopter. the helicopter came from the supply ship and picked up 3 of the guys staying here and flew them to Daneborg.
on Malmbjerget they had several visits of a young polar bear. it has been really anoying and the people up there have been quite fed up with it. the will borrow one of our dogs, which is quite a good safety for them. the dog will be picked up in the near future by a helicopter...
a norwegian kayak party landed here and we brought them out to Nyhavn where the will start their journey...
to night we have to british geologist and two icelandic pilots staying for dinner.


Elisabeth-bent said...

hej Bjariki
Nu tror jeg at jeg er kommet igennem, det har taget sin tid, Det er godt nok træls, men bedre sent end aldrig. Nu er det godt nok også ved at være slut for dig i det høje nord. Håber vi snart ses engang.

Mange hilsner

Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki. hope you will someday make a book from all your pictures and experiences in MV. You have some wonderful photos. All the new generation of MV 'old boys' will want it! Also those who are left of the 'old generation.'

Hope you will be there long enough to enjoy some blueberries.

Hilsen fra USA