Saturday, February 9, 2008

snowing snowing

it just want stop snowing. very morning we have to dig out the generators both indoors and outdoors. the whole station is drowning in snow. february is supposed to be the coldest month, but instead it has turned into the most snowing month...
on monad a C-130 is suposed to land here, but if this continues we are not able to clear the runway in time!
fore 3 days a twin otter has been trying to fly from iceland to Danmarkshavn weather station, but due to the bad weather it's not possible...yet

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Helga Kr. said...

Halló Bjarki
Flottar myndir hjá þér eins og alltaf, og veðrið, já það er nú alltaf svolítið gaman af því, er það ekki ???
kv.Helga Kr.