Thursday, February 21, 2008

an other day on the move...

the morning light had just broken the clouds, Hugger and i were on the move to find forskolen, somewhere in the fjord. after some driving with our snow scooters we found them. the had just broken camp and where heading for Vælddal which is a cabin across the fjord. the going was tough and the cold was biting at -30. it was decided that Hugger and I would make a tack to the cabin, some 18 km away. in no time and with a great scenery in front of us, we pushed the throttle and flew across the snow, occasionally breaking to avoid the treacherous peaces of ice hiding below the surface.
at the cabin we dug out the door and had a look inside. everything was in order.
we went on a short sigth-seeing  before heading back the same way as we came.

after some video and pictures of the man-hauling party we hurried back home, due to cold fingers and some unstable weather heading our way.

there are 7 new pictures out now... 

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