Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Departure of Forskolen

This morning Forskolen left Mestersvig station on 4-5 days pulk trip around the fjord. they spilt up into 3 teams, where 2 of them went to the cottage Hamna and the last one to skida. here they will stay for the night. tomorrow they will merge together on the fjord enroute to Vælddal Depot on the other side of the fjord. the 3 instructors will join them tomorrow.
each pulk team has 2 dogs aiding them. the pulks are heavy. loaded with a HF-radio, a riffle, a sirius tent of 15 kg, dog food, fuel, and food for 7 days. Each member is also carrying a rucksack with a sleeping bag and personal kit. this week they will get enough to eat and drink and they will have to use everything that they have learned so far on the winter course...

the weather is a bit unstable, with clouds and a temperature around -18. the forecast says it will be bad weather tomorrow, lots of snow and a storm. not good for them or fore our runway...

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Opdagede din blog ved et tilfælde. Kender dig ikke, men synes det er hyggeligt at læse lidt om livet på Nordøstkysten. Hvor mange timers sol har I om dagen nu?