Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I´m truly one lucky bastard...

yeasterday we picked up sledge team, 18 km south of the station. we went out there on snow scooters. at the station the temperature was -30, but on the ice it was -40. pretty cold for a scooter trip. great weather though!

today a twin otter from iceland made a low-pass and dropped some mail and 4 icelandic "SNUD"s and a real tasty bread. They are so nice to us in Flugfelag Islands. Takk Kærlega fyrir alt!

A helicopter from the research vessel R/V Lance came here to get some fuel. i was lucky to go with them on a short trip to Ella Ø. there we found a polar bear. it was put down with a tranquilizer. we landed, did some measuremenst, blood samples and tagged it with a satelite tracker. the bear was a male, 3-4 years old, 210 long from tale to snouth with an estimated weight of 200 kg.
then we flew back home to Mestersvig, passing the Ella Ø station on the way.
truly a great day, too see the scientist doing field work in magnificent weather.

enjoy the pictures

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