Sunday, March 30, 2008

another day at the office...

yeasterday Hansi and I went on a scooter trip again. this time we went through Jægerdal to Kalledal and home via Antarctic Havn and Kap Syenit.
the weather was great, sunny, clear and calm with temperatures around -25.
the first part of the trip had a lot of powder snow and even running water in the river bed. spring is moving in early...
then we met our first obstacle. a waterfall of 5 metres. it wasn't possible to get through it on the snow scooters. therefore we had to go around it. it meant going up a steep mountain. it went ok, but i needed to try 3 times! uææ steep.
after going through a narrow and amazing canyon our last obstacle was a 4 metres snow wall. we stood on top of it and had to get the scooters down! the only way was to dig our way down. we removed 1 metre of snow and made a ramp and a soft cushin at the bottom. it was very warm so it wasn't a problem staying warm!!! we got everything down withour any problems and continued out of the canyon, into a huge vally with excellent conditions. from there on the trip back home was easy. all together 100 km and a great day at the office.
today was our 11th day with nice weather and no snow. it's great not to worry about the roads and the runway covered in snow all the time.
Hansi went on a mountain, Hesteskoen and I went hunting. after 3 hours I came back home, without seeing or shooting anything...
sleep thight

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