Saturday, October 17, 2009

a time to remember...

Today was the time to remember, remember our two colleagues Dan and Martin who went trhough the ice at Noret, this day 10 years ago.
Raymund and i put the flag at half mast and drove out to the two crosses that stand close to the place the accident occured. we brought two candles that we lit and held a minute of silence to remember and honour our colleagues and also those who serve with the armed forces around the world.
the dogs where with us, so the whole station was present in this memory.
then we drove out to Hamna and had a cup of hot chocolate and some crakcers. the weather has been absolutely magnificent, and the dogs are a bit tired after some 25 km of running...
tomorrow we have to start clearing the runway to be ready for tuesday, when i leave mestersvig, once again;0)
more pictures out there!

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading about the accident at the time, on the website....glad you were able to hold the memorial. Hardly seems possible that it was 10 years ago. Who will be at the station for the winter? Hils Raymund, hils Anna when you get home to Iceland!