Thursday, October 8, 2009

another great day

Most of the morning we spent trying to figure out why we don't get enough heating in the garage. this is done by the generators producing a lot of surplus heat, this is put through pipes which then goes to some fans in the generator house and then over to the garage. the problem is that we don't get the amount of warmt over to the garage, which is anoying as we know there is enough of surplus heat! we tried some different combinations of opening and closing some valves ( many options) and changing the pressure in a pressure tank. suddenly we got some more warm water over to the garage. it's a start but not enough. next face is to wait for some insulation for the pipes, this will probably give us at least 5-10 degrees of warmer water;0).

then we finished insulating the roof that we cut a whole in, the other day, put up a shelf and redecorated the room.
i needed to put some glue on the screws in my ski bindings as they where all coming out and then i went for a ski trip with the dogs. then the other ski binding started to come off, so i have some more mending to do tomorrow;0)

the my evening project is working on my poster so it can be presentable in a good way, so i can go to this conference when i come back to Iceland...

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