Friday, October 9, 2009

life keep getting better...

This is a panorama picture taken from 800 m a.s.l. at Hesteskoen, from here you can see 100 km in each direction. GREAT VIEW
DLRH or Washburns Hus on the way to Minebyen. i said it before but this house has the best view in Mestersvig;0) Thanks to the Washburn family who got the house built in 1952 (i think).
finally we managed to get across the river, Tunnelelv. we drove snow scooters while our 3 dogs ran, wish i was in as good shape as them! First we went to the house and had some wamr chocholate, snickers and some crackers and enjoyed the view. then i got the idea that we should try and drive up on top of Hesteskoen (1118 m), even though there wasn't that much snow. we got to 851 m and then it got too steep, both due my problem with heigths, Raymunds first scootertrip and no more snow.
it was a fantastic day and we could see the whole fjord from kap simpson to Ymers Ø, and even getting paid for this:0)
the ice has started to form in the fjord, so i guess that in some weeks it will cover the whole fjord...
more pictures on my page!

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Anonymous said...

Tak for DLRH billeder!!! ( It was 1955-56.) And glad you were able to get up the hill - in 2000, hiking back from field days, the kids called that last pitch to the house 'benbrekkendebakke.." I think the last guest book for the house is saved in Denmark at Arctic Institute or similar. What a fine place to have been a kid. Hils Raymund & dig selv.