Monday, October 5, 2009

scooter trip

Yeasterday Raymund and i drove our scooters to the hills around Nyhavn. we brought a shot-gun and walked a bit around to look for some food, but we didn't find anything... good thing the freezer is full!
there is still a need for some more snow, but it was ok to get around in the terrain. Tunnelelv is still full of water, more than 50 cm of water flowing, so we can't get over to Minebyen and Washburns hus!


Anonymous said...

Must have been a wet summer, or the new snow is melting fast! I remember things being very dry in the fall, but, nice that you had the idea to go up over the hill...if you make it to DLRH before you have to leave, pat the house for me! : )

Anonymous said...

behovet for at se:)