Friday, August 8, 2008

supply ship at last

Finally i have some more time to add some pictures and write a few words.
we have been quite busy due to the arrival of the only supply ship to Mestersvig. due to some technical problems and heavy ice it arrived more than one week late in Mestersvig.
on the 1st of August at hrs 1316 the ship arrived in Nyhavn. until hrs 1815 the ship used the time to find an anchor point and to get a stern rope on shore. this was a bit difficult due to the ice in the Nyhavn bay. we also got several hundreds of metres of fuel hoses out to the ship.
at hrs 1815 the ship started to pump fuel to our tank on land. at hrs 0030 we had gotten 130 000 litres of fuel and we could start to pull the hoses back on alnd again. this took some time and Mads got fuel sprayed allover him as he was disconecting one of the couplings on one of the hoses.. there is always some fuel left even though the ship is blowing air through them after fueling...
our work comensed at 0145 as we went back to the station fore some sleep.
up again at hrs 0830 and the ship started to off-load on the beach in Nyhavn at hrs 1000.
untill hrs 1700 we got all 20 containers on land and 3 new vehichles. we used some of the new vehichles to make a new beach head to unlad thecontaineres. this was reenforced all the time and kept driveable during the whole operation.
From hrs 1700 to hrs 2200 the ship and it's crew had a break, while we were unpacking the containers so that they could be ready for the ship to take back empty.
at hrs 22oo the ship loaded the empty containers andat hrs 0200 the last one and the trucks from the ship was onboard and Arina Arctica left us.
this year every thing went really good and we couldn't have done all the work that fast without the help from good friends from Nanok (Peter, Søren and Asger), the team from Ella Ø (Hansi, Jesper, Troels and Orm), Cookie (the cook), the engineer (morten) and off course Mads and myself.
we landed 130 000 litres of fuel
45 tons of new vehichles
45 tons of provisions, spare parts, oil etc...
i put out some more pictures on my picture page!

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