Friday, August 8, 2008


My boat Jytte was set in the water on the 3rd of August. i had tried earlier but due to the lack of water in the bay and busyness with the supply ship this was the last chance. with very good help from my tired friends we got the ship in the water. while waiting for high tide we had som cake and champagne in my od house in Nyhavn. around midnight the water wouldn't rise any more and we had to pull the boat off the waggon. while the guys where pulling the boat over to the new hauling place i drove the waggon over there. there where some problems to get it over there, but we succeeded. at hrs 0230 we had the boat on the waggon and had it pulled up on the shore. then we went bakc home fore a beer and some sleep.

the next morning we did some cleaning up after the supply ship so that things that couldn't stay out-doors where brought in-doors.
i went down to the boat and started lifting the waggon up on pieces of wood. then a plane from Daneborg arrived with the boss from the office in Denmark and others who were all flying home with me on the hercules on the 5th of august.
after spending some housr showing them around on the station and in Tunnelelv.
during the the night I put on the cover on the boat and moved around with 400 kg of ballast from the boat. at 0400 i went tired to bed.

my last day in Greenland i spent working on the boat. Hansi and Stefan helped me with the last cover on the boat and to take the wheels of the waggon. a couple of hours before the plane arrived i had finished all the work on the boat and was ready to go back home...NOT!!!

more pictures out there...

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