Tuesday, March 6, 2007

bad weather again...

when I woke up this night, it was with snow on my bed...hehe
quickly I closed my window, before I would get stiff frozen.
most of the day has been spent indoors due to alot of wind and snow in the air. it has been possible to se mountains 20 km away, but not more 50m on the station.

today, I took out one of the generators for service. I had to change the oil on it at make it ready for another 14 days of hard work in the arctic...
When feeding the dogs I almost got blown over by the wind. the dogs are amazing, they hardly ever complain and the are the toughest and most rugged creatures on the earth. we wouldn't last for more than a few hours out there. they just curl together, with the snout and paws under their tail and wait for better weather.

stay warm everyone. PS one of the sledege teams are experiencing -50 degrees celsius..

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