Wednesday, March 21, 2007

bad weather again again...

yeasterday the weather was quite nice and calm.
this morning I woke up with snow on my bed.
it was 50-65 knots of wind and minus 20 degrees and lots of snow.
the small puppies were sleeping in a little house/wooden box and the roof had blown off. but i managed to put it on again.
we were supposed to have a plane today, but i think it will be another day...
our watermaker broke down again this night, but due to the bad weather i don't think we will be able to fix it today!
enjoy spring whereever you are


Anonymous said...

Hej Bjarki
Vi er kommet hjem fra Mehamn, det var lidt hårdt. Fine billeder du har på siden

Anonymous said...

u eat dick

Anonymous said...