Monday, March 12, 2007


a few days ago we had a plane arriving from Station Nord (81.36N). it was picking up our last guest. he has been fixing and optimicing our internet. now we got IP-phone, which means that instead of paying DKK 9-17 pr min. we pay DKK 0.2 pr min. this is really good. now it's possible to stay more in touch with family and friends, without spending your salery on phone-calls;0)

finally we got some youghurt, fresh milk, cream and fresh fruit. we haven't had that since November. We imediately started eating youghurt for breakfast and lunch...hehe

the weather is still pretty rough here, with wind , clouds and now and then snow. yeasterday we managed to go on a small trip with the dogs. it's good for them and for us.

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Björn said...

Hei Bjarki!
Takk for telefonen førigårs, det var skikkelig hyggelig å prates! Fortsett med bloggingen, kule saker ditta her!
Vi snakkast!