Saturday, May 5, 2007


Hi everyone

Last night I made it to Mestersvig station, after 5 weeks of travelling.
it's always the best to have a nice warm shower, clean clothes and a nice hot meal...
We have had a marvelous trip with lots og good weather and most of the time good conditions for dogs and men. A few places have had little snow, but it was only for a few days.
we have seen a lot og seal and polar bears. some of the bears maybe to close. but they were only courious and not agressive. It gave us the opportunities to take some good pictures.
Spring is in the air, the snow has started melint and rivers of water are running nearly everywhere. the birds are returning from the southern places, indicating the fortcoming spring and summer.
the last couple of days before we reached the station, the weather has been really bad, with loads of snow, wind and poor visibility. the last 15 km to the station the snow was waist deep. it was really hard for our dogs. now we are here and will enjoy 4 days of rest,before we head north again and the rest og our patrol trip. we are due to arrive at Daneborg on the 10th of June.

have a nice and warm spring

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Ólafía said...

Velkomin heim í Daneborg. Knús, Ólafía