Wednesday, November 14, 2007

scooter crash...

todays scheduled flight from the airforce was cancelled due to technical problems. they will try agian tomorrow.
we have been putting a lot of snow on our pipelines, as we have had some problems with frozen water pipes... it's the same every year, no heating in the pipes!

then we went on a scooter trip. 12 km from the station in Minebyen I hit a rock and damaged the scooter. luckily we have already spare parts enroute, since they were damaged last season. It's not that funny to stand in the middle of nowhere with a 400 kg scooter, trying to get it back home. but with Hugger pulling me and trying to make the turns we made it back to Mestersvig.
Now we have to wait fore the spare parts before we can mend it. untill then we have our skis...

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segervind said...

Hehe..en tur til minebyen kan jo altid være "spændende" og det ser ud til at det var særdeles spændende denne gang.

Håber i får en god overvintring og med så lidt bøvl som muligt.

Held og lykke med RS Vikingen

Tak for sidst, Bjarki

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