Saturday, May 2, 2015

Station Nord

Tomorrow, Sunday May 3rd I will travel to Station Nord at 81.36 North.
I will stay there together with 13 scientists for the next 3 1/2 weeks. My job is to provide the logistics for the researchers. It will be a welcoming break from my normal work days as a Geologist on Svalbard ;)

Communication to and from the station will be almost zero, due to the remote location.

Station Nord is a Danish military base, manned by 5 men year round. Their work is to keep the 1800 m long runway open and to provide support for the Sirius sledge patrol.

Last summer a new research station was built. Every piece of building material was flown in from Svalbard. The name of the station is the Villum Research Station (VRS).

The first flight to Station Nord was today, with the first batch of scientists and cargo, but due to sudden fog in Greenland, they had to return to Svalbard. There will hopefully be an other go tonight...

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